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Newcastle Sperm Donors has been set up in conjunction with Genea Newcastle IVF Clinic.

Sperm Donation Newcastle


Genea is a privately owned and fully accredited IVF clinic that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility including IVF treatment. The samples obtained by Newcastle Sperm Donors will only be used by patients attending Genea Newcastle.

Our Purpose


The purpose of Newcastle Sperm Donors is to recruit Australian sperm donors to donate semen samples for infertility patients who require donor sperm to conceive a child. 

Who We Help


Genea Newcastle’s donor program helps single women, same sex couples and heterosexual couples to access the donor sperm required to conceive a baby.

If you are in need of donated sperm and would like to find out more please make an appointment with one of Genea Newcastle Fertility Specialists, contact Genea on 4902 7000, or visit the Genea Newcastle website at www.geneanewcatle.com.au

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To see if you are eligible to become a Newcastle Sperm Donor click below.

Sperm Donation Newcastle


Have questions? Here are some of the answers to the most common questions asked by potential sperm donors.

It is illegal in Australia to pay a donor to give their sperm to a clinic. However, you will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses to cover things such as travel expenses.

Sperm, like most human tissues, can carry diseases. Donors should be tested for disease when they donate; however, a negative test is not conclusive, as some diseases take many months to show up in blood tests. The best way to solve this issue is to freeze sperm for three months and then retest the donor. If that test is negative, the sperm is considered disease-free.

Many people think counselling is carried out to test to see if you are a good enough donor. It is not. Counselling will help guide you through the implications and issues associated with donating your sperm to ensure you are making an informed decision.

You will have no legal or financial responsibilities to any child conceived through the use of your donated sperm.

The answer is yes. Once a child is born from your donation, the clinic is required to put the information on the Health Department Central Register where your privacy will be protected. Once the child turns 18 years of age, the child may access your contact details and information about you, if they wish to do so.

In NSW the maximum families that a donor can donate to is limited to 5. This includes the donors’ own family or anyone else the donor may have already donated to. For example, if a donor has had children in a previous relationship, as well as with their current partner, then they can only donate to a further 3 families. This will limit the number of children who are biologically related to each other. If the donor does not have children yet, Genea limits the number of families to 5.

No. Only your non-identifiable information will be given to the couples or woman selecting a donor. For example, your year of birth, occupation, marital status, height, weight, eye colour, family medical history, interests and reason for donating

If you are in a relationship, your partner is also required to attend the counselling, medical and nursing appointments. Donation affects both partners and their family and it is essential that your partner is involved in the process.

We are a professional business and would like to make this easy for you. We have a private collection room onsite where you can produce your sample by masturbation. Alternatively if you live within 30 minutes of the clinic you could collect your sperm sample at home and drop it off to us at an allocated time.

Its’ easy! Read through our information pack, check your eligibility then fill in our registration form. Your confidentiality will be maintained at all times. We will then contact you to chat about our program and go through a checklist of questions with you. If you are suitable for our program we will then book an appointment for you to see one of our Genea Newcastle Fertility Specialists and have an initial sperm test and screening blood tests.

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Interested in becoming a sperm donor or still have questions?  Send us a message and one of our friendly staff will reach out for a confidential chat.